As the winds, far travel’d, meander home one way or another,and the river winds low and steady to old depths,an ache shoots through and deepshadows follow even at great distancesThis ache is a burdentoo great to carryfor even the strongest breeze

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Afterglow – Eugi’s Weekly Prompt #1

early moonlight late to wander,sunken earth descending further,the glow will travel ever deeper’til it meets that lowest part,the part that’s hidden at the center.let the morning come no later,let the day delay no more!the afterglow is soon arriving,light enough by which to see,and darkness banished to the corner. Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Afterglow

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Getting There

We all sat around as Brendan carefully angled the credit card and pressed down over and over, gently cutting up the monstrous rock of MDMA on the tiny glass table, a small lamp standing watch to his left being the only light in the room. He sniffed, cracked his neck. “This is a wicked setup. […]

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Townsend Lane

Originally posted on The Light is On:
At the end of the topmost branch our precipice awaitsSwaying with the music of the windThese clouds passing by would surely catch usAlready we have lain among them and watched the world.We didn’t walk the path below—we created itAnd found magic breathing on the other sideA place where…

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Questions line the insides of my mind stuck like light spots behind both bloodshot eyelids. . O the three terrains of life: birdseed, thorn-choked, then the Garden. . Sheltered in the Maltese shade, shadows that the limestone made only made it warmer. . How we longed for verdant green, as though our eyes had never […]

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