Getting There

We all sat around as Brendan carefully angled the credit card and pressed down over and over, gently cutting up the monstrous rock of MDMA on the tiny glass table, a small lamp standing watch to his left being the only light in the room. He sniffed, cracked his neck. “This is a wicked setup. […]

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Townsend Lane

Originally posted on The Light is On:
At the end of the topmost branch our precipice awaitsSwaying with the music of the windThese clouds passing by would surely catch usAlready we have lain among them and watched the world.We didn’t walk the path below—we created itAnd found magic breathing on the other sideA place where…

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Questions line the insides of my mind stuck like light spots behind both bloodshot eyelids. O the three terrains of life: birdseed, rootless, thorn-choked, then the Garden. Answered prayers and a very  good breakfast to fall in love with  wishful thinking. O the crimes against circumstance and involuntary labours of love and hard-wiring! Could I […]

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Note No. III: Johor Downpour

Bel wears a small smile as she tucks her chin into the crook of my neck. We are lying in bed tangled up in one another, silent yet enveloped in the sound of torrential rain. Each drop was the size of a 50p coin, and twice as heavy; thunder roared in the distance, making its […]

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Note No. II: A Means of Escape

Bel is going insane. She kept me up for hours hunting mosquitos two nights ago, and one night ago, and then once again last night. Ironically she has been the primary victim of the curséd parasites, having long lines of bites along her knuckles and arms and legs and back; I, on the other hand, […]

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